Tutorial courses are created as a stand-alone, in-depth learning experience into Payton’s process. These courses have multiple videos and lessons and are only available as paid experiences and cover varying topics from Lighting and Photographic Techniques to Retouching and Building a Brand. I’m always looking to try and create new tutorials and new content for other photographers to learn from. Got an idea for my next tutorial? Send me your ideas and requests at learn@paytonruddock.com.


I have always and will always provide my Behind the Scenes videos TOTALLY FREE! After all, that’s how I picked up little things here and there and taught myself photography along the way. But, I always wished I had just a little more information or knew what was happening outside of the frame you see in a BTS video. So, I’ve created special Extras that include Lighting Diagrams, Camera Settings, Pro Tips, Gear Lists, and everything else I could think of to give you the full picture for just an incremental price. When you purchase a BTS Course, you’ll immediately have access to all of these extras!