RV Behind the Scenes: Getting Creative with Matt Hanson


Every year as the countdown to Ironman Texas begins, I get excited because I know that Matt Hanson is going to be coming back to one of his favorite races and it’s going to be a really cool time to get together and create something interesting while he’s in town. We’ve tried a bunch of different concepts together, and with Star Wars having hit theaters at Christmas before the race, I wanted to do something cool that looked like light sabers. I had the idea in my head and came up with the post-production necessary to create the look. Now I just had to craft the images, the feel, and the lights to make it all come together in a believable and well done fashion. Check out the Behind the Scenes video for more of an idea of how it all went down and check out the Lighting Diagrams for more in-depth details on how I set up these shots.

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