Behind the Scenes: Whiskers & Whiskey Portraits


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My portrait session with Matt was one that happened completely by happenstance. I always try to keep a couple of business cards with me in case the occasion arises and this one just happened to be while I was having a drink at a local bar. I saw Matt bartending and thought he had a really cool look. After striking up a conversation for a little bit, I told him I was a photographer and would love to take his portrait, gave him my card, and left the ball in his court. A couple of days later he shot me a text message and we got together to create some really cool images at my house one evening. As photographers, we always have to be on the lookout for something that inspires us and encourages us to create cool artwork so be prepared to make it happen when the time comes!

This personal photoshoot was the catalyst for a lot of great things for me over the course of the next two years and was done entirely in my own house with a couple of lights, three different modifiers, a backdrop, and some creativity. You get a brief look into this shoot through the behind the scenes video and time lapse of the first time I ever used my Heroes on White lighting setup, and I dive more deeply into the lighting diagrams and tips for how I created these images in the extras to this video so be sure to check them out and learn how to create awesome images in your own home!

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