Defining Your Creative Voice


Think of some of your favorite artists and photographers. You know their work intimately and you can identify one of their images before ever seeing their byline below the image. Have you ever wondered why that is?

You know their work because they have a style. A key aspect to their photography that is ever-present across their body of work. They have a clear cut creative voice.

Define your style as a photographer and make your work instantly recognizable by your potential clients!

Your Creative Voice is a tenet that carries throughout your entire body of work. It surpasses fleeting trends and fads in photography and helps you own your style and create a brand that people come to associate with your name. Most of all, it brings consistency across your portfolio and allows you to grow as an artist and a professional.

Included in the three lessons in this course, I’m going to help guide you on Defining Your Creative Voice, Applying Your Voice to Your Photography, and Your Voice as a Brand and a Lifestyle. This is the rock solid base on which you can build your dream photography business and further yourself as an artist!

See how your Creative Voice not only defines your style as a photographer, but carries over to your brand and so much more!


This course includes a link for you to download your free guide to Defining Your Creative Voice. In it, you’ll get step-by-step actions on how to determine your creative voice as well as examples of my own walk through this process and the results that define my style as an artist and my brand as a photographer. Join me and let’s get started!

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Course Includes

  • 3 Lessons