Behind the Scenes: The Homestead Portrait Shoot


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From the moment I started taking portraits I really kept trying and trying to get to work with a band and create images for their album artwork. It was a real goal for me and I was finally able to realized it when I got in contact with The Homestead – a local Gospel Worship band in Houston, TX. They were getting ready to release their first album and they needed some individual and group portraits and were basically open to anything I wanted to shoot. I had heard their music and knew they had a folksy sound like Mumfored & Sons or The Civil Wars so I wanted to keep that vibe in the images, creating a series of serious and caricature portraits for each of them. I also wanted to capture two different style of group shots – one with and one without their instruments. They have such a cool variety of instruments in the band though that I knew those images would be the ones that had to hit the mark.

We only had a few hours to work and getting the group shots and individuals was going to push time, so I had to prepare thoughtfully and create 4 different lighting scenarios that we could setup and knock out as quickly as possible. In this video, you get a look at 3 of the 4 lighting scenarios and in the Lighting Diagrams and Pro Tips I give you an in depth look into all 4 lighting setups I used for this shoot. Check out the video, but be sure to look through all of the course materials for the full picture!

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