Behind the Scenes: Sunrise Workout Photography


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For a long time a lot of my photo shoots consisted of capturing a series on “Hero” images and not necessarily all of the in-between stuff that helps tell the story. This shoot was one of the first times I really worked on capturing those moments and pairing them with the action shots for a more well-rounded project. I paired with a local athlete I’m friends with to go out early in the morning and capture some general workout shots of her at the soccer fields. We photographed her at her car, stretching, grabbing a drink of water, doing some movements, and finished it off with some simple portraits at the end of the session.

The lighting was done with only one-light setups and two different types of lighting modifiers used throughout the shoot. This is a perfect course if you’re wanting to see several different ways to use a single light and introduce yourself to the world of sports photography. Simple, effective lighting strategies that work consistently across tons of different portrait genres!

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