I never attended any kind of formal school and my education in photography has always been through YouTube videos, workshops, and the coaching and mentorship of others. That’s why I’ve always strived to give back and help out others as much as I can throughout my journey.

Most of what I learned about lighting and photography I learned through years of trial and error, and I want to use that experience to help YOU accelerate your learning!

Potential Learning Topics:

  • Portfolio review
  • Camera & Lighting Gear
  • Lighting Techniques
  • Portrait Photography
  • Sports/Action Photography
  • Retouching Techniques
  • Branding/Marketing Review
  • Creative Voice Coaching
  • Whatever is important to YOU!

What’s the Process?

I want to first get to know you and your experience as a photographer so I know how I can best help you in our coaching session(s). To make the best use of our time, I’ll send you a questionnaire beforehand and connect via email and text so we’re ready to roll!

Where will Coaching Happen?

I will send you a Zoom link, Skype request, or FaceTime request depending on the easiest way to us to hook up!

How Much does it Cost?

1-on-1 coaching sessions are $200 for a 60 minute call where we will go over how I can best help you in your photographic journey. We will also connect beforehand via emails and texts and all 1-on-1 coaching sessions include a 30-day follow up email to check-in and see how our coaching has helped you progress in your journey!