Sports Photography BTS Bundle Pack


My BTS videos are always FREE, but be sure to enroll in the course for a one-time fee and get access to:

  • Gear List – see what I used to get the shot!
  • Image Gallery – see the final results of the BTS video!
  • Lighting Diagrams (PDF) – See EXACTLY how I lit, composed, and captured the images including light placements, modifier selections, and camera settings!
  • Pro Tips – Get exclusive insights from me on how I approach, light, compose, and capture my images.

Looking to up your game as an Action & Sports Photographer? This is the perfect bundle pack for you! Curated to include all of Payton’s Sports BTS videos and include all of the extras including more than 40 Lighting Diagrams, full image galleries, gear lists for each photo shoot, and plenty of Pro Tips to help you hone your craft. All bundled together for instant savings! In this course bundle you’ll receive:

  • Behind the Scenes: Trail Running Photo Shoot
  • Behind the Scenes: Yoga Photoshoot for Lululemon
  • Behind the Scenes: Sunrise Workout Photography
  • Behind the Scenes: Running Photography with Ronnie Delzer
  • Behind the Scenes: The Essence of an Ironman
  • Behind the Scenes: Photographing Running
  • Behind the Scenes: Matt Hanson for NormaTec
  • Behind the Scenes: Matt Hanson – Ironman Champion
  • Behind the Scenes: Liz Baugher – Pro Triathlete
  • Behind the Scenes: CrossFit Photo Shoot
  • Behind the Scenes: Cody Beals – Pro Triathlete
  • Behind the Scenes: Aubrey Aldy – Pro Triathlete
  • Behind the Scenes: Aicacia Young
  • Behind the Scenes: Badass is Beautiful
  • BTS Shorts: Running Portraits & Composite Cycling Photography

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