RV Behind the Scenes: Cody Beals – Pro Triathlete


Another behind the scenes video with Professional Triathlete and Ironman Champion from before he was a multiple Ironman Champion – Cody Beals. Cody is an exceptional cyclist, running, and human being and it was a pleasure to get to work with him while he was training in the Woodlands. Every photoshoot, whether it’s something you’ve done 100 times or something you’re trying for the first time, is an opportunity to learn something new. This was the first time I tried to down my cycling shoot on a road that I wasn’t entirely comfortable with and we had a close call that got us off of the bike and shooting some running for the remainder of the shoot. Safety is always paramount in any shoot and I urge everybody to take all precautions when you’re photographing sports! Take a look at the behind the scenes and check out how we created the images that would appear as a cover of Triathlon Magazine Canada.

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