RV Behind the Scenes: Matt Hanson – Ironman Champion


My first photo shoot ever with Ironman Champion Matt Hanson and the one that really solidified our friendship and longterm working relationship. Matt is an incredible athlete and person, and I wanted to try and capture the intensity he brings to the sport of Triathlon paired with him in action. We set out to capture images of him swimming, biking, and running along with some portraits to go alongside them and bring some personality and stillness to an otherwise kinetic activity. This was my first shoot ever with the Profoto B1 light and all of these portraits were done with a single light, a single modifier – the Profoto White Beauty Dish – and the sun. Those three things together are a powerful and diverse combination that can allow you to get a range of amazing images. This video and behind the scenes content gives some more great examples of how changing the light in orientation to the location of the sun can give some drastically different looks to a set of images.

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