The Heroes on White Project


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The Heroes on White project was originally started as a way for me to grow as an artist. I started feeling like so much of what we rely upon as photographers is the setting and getting the perfect studio or location for a particular photo shoot. I wanted to strip all of that away and just focus on the character study of the person in front of me. How do I tell their story in just a few images and relay who they are as a person to the world with nothing more than their face and a little bit of their body. No big production, just a very Platon take on the photographic process.

Over the course of the study it became a project to highlight the people in front of my lens as the heroes they are to those around them. We all have somebody we are heroes to in some way, shape, or form and, in turn, we have heroes ourselves that we look up to. It has been a project of positivity that has been an amazing experience for myself and those involved in the process. As for you as a photographer, this is an awesome way to create a simple, high-key lighting setup that you can take with you wherever you go. I’ve used it in studios, my living room, a parking lot, a football field, and plenty of other places just by understanding the key aspects of the setup and dialing them into a repeatable pattern so you can forget about the lighting and focus on the person.

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