Behind the Scenes: Trail Running Photo Shoot


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This was an incredibly quick and off-the-cuff shoot we did with a local athlete I knew who was up for creating some images quickly one evening. I had never shot trail running before and had this epic image in my head that I wanted to try and make come to life. Unfortunately, we hit a bit of a drought and the area we shot in that evening was a little darker than I had hoped it would be, but we created something with what we had anyway.

Here is a quick look on how I trek back into the woods when I’m photographing Trail Running, what I like to use when I’m back there, and how to position yourself to try and make the best of a tough situation. Never be afraid to get a little gross (and trust me, the water was absolutely disgusting) in order to find the right angle and capture something interesting! Enjoy this free course and see my gear, final images, lighting diagrams, and pro tips.

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