Portrait Photography BTS Bundle Pack


This bundle pack includes all of the Behind The Scenes videos from Payton’s Portrait Shoots as well as all of the Lighting Diagrams, Photo Galleries, Gear Lists, and Pro Tips. Payton shares everything he uses to create portraits from Natural Light Photography all the way to Three Light Setups on Group Portraits. If you’re looking for a great place to further your knowledge of Portrait Photography then this is the bundle for you!

Included in this Bundle:

  • Behind the Scenes: Portrait Photography with Wilhelmina
  • Behind the Scenes: Whiskers & Whiskey Portraits
  • Behind the Scenes: Paul & Alexa Portrait Photography
  • Behind the Scenes: The Homestead Portrait Shoot
  • Behind the Scenes: Ace, Mary, and the Harley 883
  • Behind the Scenes: Capturing the Modern Day Man
  • Behind the Scenes: Getting Creative with Matt Hanson
  • Behind the Scenes: Jason & Natashia Portrait Photography
  • The Heroes on White Project

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